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Galaxy J5 (5", 8Go, 13Mpx, Black)
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Samsung Galaxy J5 (5", 8Go, 13Mpx, Black)

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3 réponses sur Samsung Galaxy J5 (5", 8Go, 13Mpx, Black)

User suzanne.jansze

Hi, is this phone dual-sim? According to other reviews online it is, but it is not specifically mentioned here.

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User Anonymous

Is there any cover suitable for this phone (the 2015 model, 5.0' screen)? Thanks

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User Brimstone
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Unfortunately not from Digitec. You may find the flip cover (Product no. EF-WJ500BBEGWW) somewhere else though.

Galaxy J5 Covers: en.toppreise.ch/index.php?s...

User adrianheut

Das Phone funktioniert nicht ! ich wollte es mit Russicher Sim betreiben was soll das Sim Lock wo bekomme ich den Code zum entsperren?

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