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Mavic Pro
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Dji Mavic Pro

Question sur Dji Mavic Pro

User che-vse-zanyato

If I place an order now and pay for it, can I be sure, that by 19th of November (which is just 4 days after the beginning of the sales) I will get it here in Anzere for my husband birthday?

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User AllHailPrinceVegeta

Well, it says 4-6 weeks so I don't think it would be available before 19th if you order it now

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User che-vse-zanyato

Well, on 26th of October, when I posted that question, it was said, that sales starts on 15.11.2016 and there was no further information, so I think my question was quiet appropriate. 1229$ is a bit of money, so I do think I have a right to wonder when my purchase will be delivered.

User AllHailPrinceVegeta

Now it says 2-3 Weeks xD But as soon as the sales start isn't declared anymore every order after that will be delivered once the sale has already started to the delivery time declared on the day when the order was placed. So 15.11 would still be almost not possible I would say..

User Gabifat

Same as usual with DJI....

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