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  • Momentum In-Ear i [iOS] (In-Ear, Noir/Rouge)
  • Momentum In-Ear i [iOS] (In-Ear, Noir/Rouge)
  • Momentum In-Ear i [iOS] (In-Ear, Noir/Rouge)
CHF 84.–
Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear i [iOS] (In-Ear, Noir/Rouge)

Évaluation sur Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear i [iOS] (In-Ear, Noir/Rouge).

User KTM990
Momentum In-Ear i [iOS] (In-Ear, Noir/Rouge)

Top brand. Top performer. Top quality. Very competitive price - Digitec best I've seen

Very good Noise Isolating In Ears. At this price point, the Bass & Treble extremely good... Bass in particular is well balanced and not unnaturally loud. Mid range only slightly withdrawn, however overall sound is excellent. Build quality and materials are of high quality. Only negative comment - the inclusion of foam buds to supplement the silicon would have added value. That said, I think these represent very good value for money.


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