• PX5 (ANC)
  • PX5 (ANC)
  • PX5 (ANC)
CHF 250.–
Bowers & Wilkins PX5 (ANC)

Évaluation sur Bowers & Wilkins PX5 (ANC).

User r.casale

Too flimsy, I have a problem with the software update, not ideal for big ears.

I have the old PX7, the bass is a lot better on it than the PX5.
The reason I have purchased the PX5 is for traveling (ANC small size...), however I find it bulky for its smaller size, it also slides off the ears with the downward head movement, which I find very annoying.
What worries me now is the impossibility to update the software.
The power light is on for the past 16 hours and I can‘t switch it off.
I am afraid I will have to bring it back.
It would be annoying if this problem occurs often. I wouldn’t like to have a non functional headset on a long journey.

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