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  • Mid Bluetooth (On-Ear, Noir)
  • Mid Bluetooth (On-Ear, Noir)
  • Mid Bluetooth (On-Ear, Noir)
CHF 172.–
Marshall Headphones Mid Bluetooth (On-Ear, Noir)

Évaluation sur Marshall Headphones Mid Bluetooth (On-Ear, Noir).

User vince4492

Robust, Great sound, best value for money headphones on the market.

I have had these headphones since the beginning of 2017. Since then they have:
- Withstood pouring rain
- High Speed Winds
- Being thrown around by a baby
- Being bent and pulled apart by the same baby
- Given me goosebumps whilst playing some songs
- been the most reliable pair of headphones I have ever owned.

Some of the Pros:
- Great sound
- Great battery life
- Great connectivity
- No Lag...EVER
- Very robust
- Easily stowed thanks to folding

Some of the cons:
- Really squeezes your head if you listen for a long time
- Hurts your head on long flights
- The ear cups are quite bulgy so they stick out, not great for taking off and wearing around your neck
- Doesn't come with a "bag" or "pouch".
- Battery low warning only comes on 30 minutes before empty battery
- Annoying low battery "beep"

Thats it I would definitely buy these again for this budget, every single time.

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