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Cyber-shot DSC RX100 IV (24 - 70 mm, 20.10Mpx, 10FPS, WiFi)
CHF 685.–60.– de Cashback
Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 IV (24 - 70 mm, 20.10Mpx, 10FPS, WiFi)

Évaluation sur Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 IV (24 - 70 mm, 20.10Mpx, 10FPS, WiFi).

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Cyber-shot DSC RX100 IV (24 - 70 mm, 20.10Mpx, 10FPS, WiFi)

Pricey but decent. Not perfect but worth consideration if you value portability.

OK, you've read the web reviews so you already know:
- Technological miracle squeezing EVF and f1.8 to f2.8 (though mainly f2.8) zoom into a box the size of a cigarette packet
- 4K video recording lasts max 5 minutes, eats memory and requires expensive, U3-compatible SD card or it just doesn't happen
- Batteries drain quickly (but after-market ones work well, are cheap and very small so easy to carry extras)
- You need to buy the additional rubber grip (CHF23 ouch!) or it will slip out of your hands and break on the ground
- Menu system is a mess: better if you already own other Sony cameras
- it's a bit overpriced

So, what else do you need to know?

1. It won't fit in your pocket, or probably even your jacket pocket if you put it in an appropriately protective pouch

2. In spite of the hype and the (Sony) 'Zeiss' lens, the 1" sensor does not create images which are quite as good as an APS-C sensor DSLR with a kit lens, and certainly not up to what you can get from an FF sensor camera. However they are quite decent if you don't magnify to 100%. The default jpg settings are a bit flat but fiddling with saturation, contrast etc can improve this though I stick with RAW and use Capture One (Express version for Sony is free) for post-proc

3. It's metal outside, but operates like it's plastic inside. Chinese-made and there are lots of moving parts: I took out the extended warranty (first time ever!)

Optics on mine slightly decentred :-(

Big price difference currently between Mk4 (CHF700) and Mk3 (CHF500). Is it worth it? I hesitated but am glad I got the Mk4: photo image quality very similar between the two but the refinements in the software on the Mk4 make using it a nicer experience and just a few seconds of 4K video give a sense of 'presence' you wont get from HD so it's a good feature for memory work - the 5min limit isn't a problem in reality unless you are a serious video producer. AF is already a bit hit-and-miss on the MK4, supposedly worse on MK3 so...


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