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Koss Porta Pro

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User mikael.kallin


This just might be my favorite product ever. I normally don't post product reviews but since I just posted a negative review of the wireless bluetooth version of these I feel I have to give these some praise.

I have owned easily 100 of these since 20 years and they still remain my favorite. I used to always manage to get the cable caught in door handles and rip it apart, which I still do from time to time. However, the reinforcment of the cable connector in this model makes them a lot sturdier than other headphone cables, even if the cable is quite forcefully ripped out the cable doesn't break.

The sound is incredible at this price, and since I can't comfortably wear on- nor in-ear phones this is by far the best alternative for me.

I use these both for listening to and producing music in combination with headphone correcting software, and these are the only headphones that I can wear comfortably for hours at an end without getting outer- nor inner ear fatigue.

I also walk a lot outside and the fact that they are open still lets you hear traffic and people, which is good from a security standpoint. However, it also makes them louder so playing loud music in the trämli might be out of the question.

Tip for those of you who want to take your music listening to the next level, check out headphone EQ correction software like Morphit, Sonarworks etc. I run these on my cell phone (LG G7 ThinQ) as well as VST3 plugins in Audirvana, which is a hifi Tidal player. Not endorsed by any of those products, I might add...

If you want good sound on a budget, try these!

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