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  • WF-1000X (In-Ear, Or)
  • WF-1000X (In-Ear, Or)
  • WF-1000X (In-Ear, Or)
CHF 149.–avant 199.–1
Sony WF-1000X (In-Ear, Or)

Évaluation sur Sony WF-1000X (In-Ear, Or).

User vsevolodshorin
WF-1000X (In-Ear, Or)

Great idea, terrible implementation

Doesn't give a warning about low battery. If I put it on and it says battery is medium (not high), this means like 10 minutes left.
Sounds disappears from time to time for a couple of seconds first in one ear then in another.
When wet, start to slip out of the ear.

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