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  • BackBeat FIT (Oreillette, Vert)
  • BackBeat FIT (Oreillette, Vert)
  • BackBeat FIT (Oreillette, Vert)
Plantronics BackBeat FIT (Oreillette, Vert)

Évaluation sur Plantronics BackBeat FIT (Oreillette, Vert).

User ganda.logan
BackBeat FIT (Oreillette, Vert)

great device and we are very happy with its performance

We bough a pair of these each and are very happy with them. we wear them cycling and to the gym, and my wife wears heres on the commute to work. Range and battery life is excellent, the feel and quality is excellent, they are comfortable and the sound quality is very good. I'd have no hesitation in buying these again or recommending them to anyone else.

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