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  • Type+ (iPad Air 2, CH)
  • Type+ (iPad Air 2, CH)
  • Type+ (iPad Air 2, CH)
CHF 119.–
Logitech Type+ (iPad Air 2, CH)

Évaluation sur Logitech Type+ (iPad Air 2, CH).

User hpdigitec
Type+ (iPad Air 2, CH)

Good product, good price

The first Logitech keyboard I purchased for the iPad was the Ultrathin for the iPad 2, and I was quite pleased with the product. Then, when I upgraded to the iPad Air, I purchased the Ultrathin for it, and it was a complete disaster: after only a few weeks of use, the hinge could no longer hold the iPad in the most upright position, and it would fall back to a very uncomfortable viewing angle. besides, the magnetic clip in the back had a very rough edge, which made it extremely uncomfortable to carry for more than just a few moments. After some attempts to make it stick in the most upright position with super glue, I gave up and purchased the Type+

Until now, this has proven to be an absolute success, in spite of its being slightly bulkier and heavier - but then, it is dramatically more comfortable to use, and I feel the level of protection it affords is better, since it won't fly away from the iPad upon falling to the floor - the pressure clip is more than strong enough to keep it safely attached. Another good product, with a reasonable price. The only thing is that it doesn't exist with a matching white interior and keyboard.


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