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  • DP-300F (Premium, automatique, argentés)
  • DP-300F (Premium, automatique, argentés)
CHF 329.–
Denon DP-300F (Premium, automatique, argentés)

Évaluation sur Denon DP-300F (Premium, automatique, argentés).

User Anonymous
DP-300F (Premium, automatique, argentés)

Good design, not too bulky. Good sound with built ...

Good design, not too bulky. Good sound with built in pre-amplifier and cartridge. No wow, flutter or other distortion. Good price. You can really upgrade it too. Added the Ortofon 2M Black and Lehmannaudio Black Cube Statement pre-amp linked by the Oehlbach NF14 master set (RCA). Tracks beautifully at 1.5g, although you need to set down using the lever. Fantastic sound. Detail you never imagined hidden in the grooves.

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