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Charge 2 (S, Lavande or rose, Silicone)
CHF 193.–
fitbit Charge 2 (S, Lavande or rose, Silicone)

Évaluation sur fitbit Charge 2 (S, Lavande or rose, Silicone).

User chris.spray
Charge 2 (S, Lavande or rose, Silicone)

Fitbit Charge 2 - a quality product

Fitbit Charge 2 is a quality product with great functionality for the fitness enthusiast.
It takes some getting used to, and there is a lot of detail about the value of the information provided.This comes with time and use, and I am sure will prove useful.
The alternative colours mean that this device can also be used as a day watch and look quite smart.
Bluetooth connectivity can sometimes be patchy, and activating the watch display via a hadn't 'shake' can sometimes be again as it doesn't always work.
The value of this device is clearly in its regular use, but it is good value equipment if your intention is to track your fitness

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