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  • ACTON BT II (Canal 2.1, Blanc)
  • ACTON BT II (Canal 2.1, Blanc)
  • ACTON BT II (Canal 2.1, Blanc)
CHF 245.–
Marshall Speakers ACTON BT II (Canal 2.1, Blanc)

Évaluation sur Marshall Speakers ACTON BT II (Canal 2.1, Blanc).

User aymanio

Bluetooth connection could have simpler as many other Marshall models. Connection will often not work. Volume will increase suddenly on its own

Excellent sound as you would expect from Marshall speakers and for this size of a speaker.
The bluetooth connection requires that you download the Marshall bluetooth app and not as convenient as other/older models that you can immediately connect. I find this to be an unnecessary inconvenience.
Quite common that bluetooth connection to phone is rejected.
Volume will suddenly increase on its own.
I do not recommend it at all.

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