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  • d² (15.60")
  • d² (15.60")
  • d² (15.60")
CHF 79.–
Dicota d² (15.60")

Évaluation sur Dicota d² (15.60").

User Martiin

Absolutely worth the money!

I absolutely love this backpack, it's resistant, so light (you almost don't notice it's on your back when it's empty which is not the case with all backpacks). It has a lot of pockets which makes it great to save items from being smashed by other more heavier items cause they fall to the bottom of the backpack, just put the item in another pocket :D
The only downside is that you have less room in the "main" pocket so if you want to put something big that would barely fit in another backpack i doubt it will fit in this one.

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