Best webcam for streaming?

Hi all,

Any idea for the best Webcam for streaming? Not too expensive but relevant.
Logitech C920. Its the more popular buy.

Hands down for the Logitechs. They offer a really decent quality, while beeing quite affordable!
Right now, i would just go for the updated Version, the C922, which is just a little more expensive, by CHF 8.50
With this device you can go 720p @ 60Hz or you can also use the 1080p Setting @ 30Hz.
I highly recommend using the 60Hz, because it runs very smooth instead of the 30Hz!

No Prob!
Yeah, i've heard about that Brio4K too, but it seems like the 4K Resolution is way to hungry at this Time! Also keep in Mind, you're locked at 30Hz / FPS, which means, the Picture overall is really not that smooth, like when you're operating with a 60Hz Resolution!
Most Game-Streamers are streaming with 720p, because it's definitly enough for streaming, the Picture is good and for a Viewer, 60Hz are way more enjoyable...
... Plus, the Price Tag is just ridiculous at this moment, but that's just my point of view! :-)
I've just double checked it again, so yeah, definitely most of the Twitch / YouTube streaming Guys are using the Logitech 920 / 922. No one would recommend a 4K Cam, for professional streaming / recording. And most of them saying, 60Hz is a must, otherwise it's horrible for Viewers to follow your Face! :-)