TV mounting solutions (universal)

With our TV wall mounts you can bring your TV or monitor to the wall or even to the ceiling. In this way, you can maintain the necessary distance from the wall and swivel or tilt your TV or monitor when it is hung up. In our online shop you can buy universal TV mounts from brands like Titan, Vogels, Hama, Sanus and Vogels. Simply filter by the inch size of your TV, choose the payload and color. If you want to mount your monitor on the wall or ceiling, choose the appropriate parameters for your monitor. Our mounting solutions can be adjusted in height, swivelled horizontally or vertically and tilted. This way you can place your TV or monitor in the position you want and adjust it to a certain degree. Tip: Use our filter called "Vesa wall mounts" for your monitor. Here you simply choose a size. The size corresponds to the distance between the threaded holes on the back of your monitor. So nothing can go wrong, because the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) standardizes the hole spacing on the back of your monitor. This ensures that the wall or ceiling mount will fit securely in the specified mounting holes. 

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