Top-rated products in the Glass + Plexiglass category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Werkstarck Plexiglas round pipes XT

Plexiglas round tube XT size 40/36X1000mm, colourless UV permeable.

2. Werkstarck Plexiglas sheets GS

Colourless, UV absorbing, with surface protection film on both sides. The cast (GS) quality is very easy to process. Max. shrinkage on heating of only 2 %.

3. Werkstarck Plexiglas round tubes XT

Plexiglas round tube XT size 30/26X1000mm, colourless UV permeable.

4. Werkstarck Coloured plexiglass sheets GS

Plexiglas plates GS, black size 600X500X3mm, shiny almost light-impermeable.

5. Werkstarck Coloured plexiglass panels GS

Plexiglas sheets GS,thickness 3mm size 600X500mm, green 2498 fluorescent transparent.

6. Magnetoplan spit protection, acrylic counters and table stands

The solution for sneezing, spitting and coughing protection offers more hygiene and safety for you, your employees and customers. The extra slim counter display made of acrylic glass protects against virus infections at sales counters, counters, reception counters, receptions and cash desks, with a pass-through of 25 x 20 cm (W x H). Made of transparent acrylic glass with rounded corners at the top (material thickness: 5 mm). Pathogens simply bounce off the hygiene wall. Easy to clean + disinfect. With a pass-through of 25 x 20 cm (W x H). Recommended for all areas with regular customer contact such as: Pharmacies + doctors' surgeries, food and drug stores, food and delivery service bakeries + petrol stations, banks + savings banks etc. Overall size: 850 x 700 mm, foot depth: 246 mm. 

Magnetoplan spit protection, acrylic counters and table stands (70 cm, 85 cm)
Glass + Plexiglass
83.50 CHF

Magnetoplan spit protection, acrylic counters and table stands

70 cm, 85 cm

7. Werkstarck BP90032002

Plexiglas sheets GS, thickness 3mm size 600X500mm, red 2466 fluorescent transparent.

8. Werkstarck Perspex sheets

Plexiglas sheets GS, thickness 3mm length 600mm, width 500mm. Orange-yellow, fluorescent transparent.

9. Werkstarck Plexiglas square rods GS

Plexiglas square rods GS colourless 222, size 40/40/1000 mm.

10. Exacompta Exascreen

Hygiene protection shield Exascreen vertical with side protection. Made of crystal clear acrylic, airtight to prevent the penetration of viruses or microbes, rigid and shock-resistant, UV-resistant, easy to clean and disinfect, W 300 x H 150 mm opening for document transfer, ideal for counters, cash registers and offices. Included in delivery: Double-sided adhesive tape.