Best Albrecht products in the Walkie-talkie accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Albrecht products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Albrecht CB magnetic antenna CBM-108

CB mobile antenna with magnetic base, central coil and chrome-plated shock spring. Compact design with cable and PL plug. Ideal for mounting as CB antenna for trucks and cars. 

2. Albrecht SM 600-K Kenwood

High-quality loudspeaker microphone with swivel belt clip and coiled cable.
3.5mm jack on the side of the microphone to connect an external earphone.

for radios with Kenwood standard connection.
The microphone is dust and splash-proof.

3. Albrecht Hyflex CL27 Antenna

Albrecht CB handheld radios antenna CL 27 BNC - Frequency range 27MHz - Fibreglass - Power handling max. 50W - Length54 cm, for AE 220, AE 2380, AE 2980, AE 2990

4. Albrecht T-27 CB mobile antenna

CB mobile antenna for installation on vehicles.

5. Albrecht Speaker Microphone SM600

Set: No, Accessory type wireless: Shoulder microphone.

6. Albrecht Empty battery/accumulator housing

This is a battery/rechargeable empty housing for the Albrecht AE 2990 AFS and AE 2980 handheld radios, which holds nine AA batteries and has a combined charging and power supply socket, allowing simultaneous charging and operation of the radio. 

7. Albrecht CB mobile antenna 6351 GL-27 Lam

CB mobile antenna especially for trucks, campers or motor homes. No ground connection necessary, therefore ideal for glass fibre and plastic surfaces.

8. Albrecht Maxiscan flex antenna

Albrecht Maxiscan, BNC flex antenna, 25-2060MHz, length 32 cm, with very good reception characteristics in 4 m and 2m band.

9. Albrecht DG 630 Stand charger

Albrecht DG 630 floor charger, for AE 2980/AE2990.

10. Albrecht CX 201 Antenna switch

Solid 2-way antenna switch in heavy cast quality. For connecting 2 antennas to one radio or vice versa.