Best Xiaomi products in the Robot vacuum cleaners category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Xiaomi products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Xiaomi Mi Mop 2 Lite

Vacuum Cleaner - Robot Xiaomi Mi Mop 2 Lite, White Gyroscope and Visual Navigation Accurately captures the layout of your home. 25 high-precision sensors Understanding a complex environment. 2 200 Pa powerful suction Easily removes dirt from the floor. 450 ml high-capacity dust collector One suction can remove more debris. Suction path zigzag More efficient cleaning. Electronically controlled water tank Evenly distributed water - evenly cleaned floor. Control is available manually Manage remotely via the app. Gyroscope and visual navigation With a new navigation system and an ultra-wide-angle lens, the robotic vacuum cleaner captures the layout and environment of your home with great precision. Thorough cleaning The vacuum cleaner-robot thoroughly analyzes your home environment and compiles a map to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning. Multiple high-precision sensors for cleaning in complex environments 25 high-precision sensors capture information about your home environment in real time and respond flexibly to complex environments. Calibrates for a straighter path and more accurate cleaning. Adapts flexibly to complex environments. Cleverly reacts and automatically turns to avoid falling. Two in one - pump and washer In the Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app, you can select different cleaning modes to suit your needs. Powerful vacuum cleaner removes all dust and hair By combining a large-diameter suction opening and a powerful brush, the robotic vacuum cleaner removes dirt effortlessly with a suction power of 2,200 Pa . Not only a robot pump Cleaning zigzag can cover every corner of the house and significantly increase cleaning efficiency. 450 ml hopper capacity Large 450 ml independent dust hopper. Saves time and effort. Large capacity 270 ml water tank Electronically controlled water pump and 3 water level settings - the robot vacuum cleaner supplies water on demand, the cloth pad is always wet enough. Easy to clean under furniture Thanks to its 81.3 mm slim design, the robotic vacuum cleaner can vacuum and wash many pieces of furniture, including beds, cabinets and sofas. Remote control of the vacuum cleaner Use the Mi Home / Xiaomi Home application on your phone and control cleaning remotely at any time, check the cleaning status and schedule cleaning. 

2. Xiaomi Mi Mop 2 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro black (BHR5204EU).

3. Xiaomi Viomi Alpha 2 Pro

Vacuum Cleaner - Robot Viomi Alpha 2 Pro, Black Alpha 2 Pro incorporates the latest obstacle avoidance technology, is Viomi's 1st automatic robot-vacuum cleaner with four lines of Lidar sensors. With the latest in artificial intelligence technology, he can get to know your home faster and better. Smooth forward movement With two Lidar laser sensors, the Alpha 2 Pro detects obstacles 70-90 mm * in front. It can automatically avoid more than 150 common household items such as slippers, power cords, pet bowls, trash cans and more. Drive around safely With the state-of-the-art linear laser sensor on the side, the Alpha 2 Pro cleans just 1.5 cm * away from walls or your belongings, leaving no messy corners or scratching furniture, walls or other objects. Fast home mapping with high-precision AI laser scanning and mapping technology With 360 ° laser scanning and mapping technology, the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro automatically maps your home after the first mapping. It also adapts to a variety of challenging environments and moves smoothly to keep your home thoroughly cleaned. LDS AI Algorithm for Accurate Navigation and Revolutionary Collision Protection Using the four-line LDS AI algorithm, the Alpha 2 Pro scans continuously within a 6-meter radius for accurate navigation and collision protection. The Alpha 2 Pro has 4 high-precision artificial intelligence laser lidar sensors, so it can map your home more accurately and efficiently and take collision protection to the next level. No secondary contamination with the automatic emptying system 2.0 With the automatic suction system 2.0, the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro ensures that there is no secondary contamination during cleaning, which is ideal for people with allergies. No residue with a 60% shortened air duct The shorter air duct makes the Alpha 2 Pro more efficient and productive, leaving nothing on the floor. All particles will disappear in 15 seconds *. Exhausting fresh air with triple filtration system Alpha 2 Pro with triple filtration system blocks 95% * of hazardous substances and leaves no residue in the air duct, so it releases fresh air by itself. New level of cleanliness thanks to 4000 Pa of the highest quality suction and 3-in-1 system for cleaning, sweeping and pumping. Viomi Alpha 2 Pro keeps your home as clean as ever. It can collect all dirt and pet hair wherever it is. Dirt no longer hides deep in carpets due to the automatic suction boost mode Automatically increases the suction power so that your floors and carpets are sucked out properly. 5200 mAh battery capacity With a 5200 mAh battery, 320 ml electrically operated water tank and water volume control system, the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro can clean 420 m² * in a single cleaning session without damaging the floor. Advanced application update, user-defined cleaning With Viomi Alpha 2 Pro you can set different cleaning modes for different rooms. In addition, of course, you can use the usual features of the app, such as vacuuming mode, editing areas, setting virtual borders, setting custom cleaning, etc. Full control is in your hands, even when you’re away. Alpha 2 Pro is now compatible with Google Home and Alexa. Whenever you want your floor cleaned, just ask Alexa or a Google Assistant. Specifications Weight 9.2 kg Battery capacity 5200 mAh Dimensions 350 mm * 350 mm * 97.5 mm Rated power 55W / 1050W Water tank capacity 320 ml Source. 

4. Xiaomi Roidmi EVE plus

Roidmi Eve Plus cleaning robot with emptying station The device from Roidmi is essential for the modern home. The vacuum automatically returns to base, has a self-emptying feature, and allows you to vacuum and wet mop at the same time. Control via a dedicated app and voice assistants will allow you to take full control of the device, and the long run time will ensure up to 250m² of clean surface. Moreover, the 2700 Pa suction power affects the performance of the Eve Plus, and thanks to the LDS laser, the vacuum cleaner will find its way perfectly into your apartment. Mapping function The advanced navigation system and 4th generation LDS laser will quickly scan your entire home and automatically create a map using the SLAM algorithm, with 40% more accuracy than the previous generation. If you have a two-story house, the device will create a separate map for each floor and automatically... 

5. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Ultra

Take your automated home cleaning to the next level with the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Ultra. It utilizes an updated Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) with S-cross™ 3D obstacle avoidance technology. This scanner maps out your environment in real-time for its AI to optimize cleaning routes while avoiding obstacles. It also features a high-frequency sonic vibration mopping system which is more efficient at cleaning. 

6. Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus

Roidmi's new flagship product is the vacuuming and washing robot hoover with automatic dust collection. Robot hoover that removes dirt by itself 1. Smart dust collection gives more freedom 2. Two-in-one vacuuming and wet cleaning for double cleaning; 3. Mobile app for smart management. Less noise and higher dust collection efficiency The dust collection duct in the ROIDMI dust collector with rear suction and the dust collection opening are seamlessly connected to the dust collector, resulting in less noise and higher dust collection efficiency. Dust entering the dust collector is automatically mixed and deodorising ions prevent mould and odours from forming.

High capacity 3 litre dust bag: Replace the disposable dust bag once a month. Conventional cleaning of the dust box poses a risk of inhalation. Intelligent touch screen: One-touch dust collection that's easy to use; reminds you when the dust capacity is full so you never have to worry about going over capacity. Conventional dust collectors add an element of uncertainty to cleaning without dust reminders. Antibacterial and deodorising ions: Dirt in the dust bag is free of mould and odours even after a month. Dirt collected at traditional dust collection points easily multiplies bacteria and gives off odours.

7. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2S

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S device uses LDS technology to create a map of the room in real time and allows, via the app, to build virtual walls within the environment to select forbidden areas. The tank in this case is 300ml while the water tank is 200ml with 3 adjustable levels. There are three cleaning modes, suction, washing and suction / washing, is capable of overcoming obstacles up to 18mm and supports voice control. The battery is 2,600 mAh and it is possible to program cleaning times via the Xiaomi Home app. 

8. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ is made to make cleaning simple. The device, in combination with its self-emptying docking station, can refill the water tank, clean the dustbin, clear trash, keep the mopping cloth damp, and self-dry to prevent moisture retention and odors. It is designed specifically to clean every type of floor. The mop has 4,000Pa suction power and can elevate itself when it detects carpets, cleaning up dust thoroughly. A dual line laser and an RGB camera are also included on the device for target detection. No matter the size or layout of the household, the appliance will plan an effective cleaning route in conjunction with the LDS navigation. 

9. Xiaomi Mi Robot Mop 2 Pro+

Main features Design Dust container Type Bagless Product colour Black Shape Round Performances Dust capacity (total) 0.55 l Wet wiping Yes HEPA filtration system No Supported mobile operating systems Android, iOS Performance Battery capacity 5200 mAh Runtime 180 min Battery life 250 m² Weight and dimensions Height 82 mm. 

10. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum S10+, white

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ (BHR6368EU).