Best Deuter products in the Backpacks category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Deuter products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Deuter Gigant

Urban commuters who want to be well organized in everyday life rely on the practical organization system of the Giga series. The revised Airstripes back system provides the necessary ventilation for the back. So you never break a sweat even on stressful days at the office, university or school. The Giga offers plenty of space for those who carry a bit more. 

2. Deuter Access Pro

You like to travel the world and are looking for a practical backpack that also has the functions of a suitcase? With its front access, four additional handles and reinforced outer walls, the Access Pro backpack is particularly handy. With the compression straps, the clever division and the extra pocket for dirty laundry, your things are neatly packed away. And if you're out on foot for a while, you can carry the Access Pro comfortably on your back thanks to the Contact back system. The integrated cover protects the back system so that the bag doesn't get stuck when you check in your luggage. For short trips, there is an additional daypack with an integrated padded laptop compartment. 

3. Deuter Aviant Voyager

4. Deuter Freerider Pro 34+

The Freerider Pro has all the features and flexible capacity you need for multi-day winter adventures in the mountains. This latest version of the Freerider Pro has a new roll-top closure. This allows you to expand the capacity of the backpack by 10 litres. The roll top itself is equipped with a stowable strap to which you can attach additional equipment or a climbing rope, or compress the roll top itself. If you don't need your skis, snowshoes or snowboard during the day, you can quickly and easily attach them to the outside of the backpack with two special straps: the skis diagonally on your back or in an A-frame, the snowboard or snowshoes in an upright position. These versatile straps can also be used as compression straps.

And when you take a break, you don't have to unbuckle your gear. That's because the main compartment is accessed via the rear opening, which opens fully to better accommodate the contents. Our new, durable, breathable and snow-resistant fabric also ensures that both the carrying system and your back stay dry.

Deuter Freerider Pro 34+ (34 l)

Deuter Freerider Pro 34+

34 l

5. Deuter Trans Alpine Pro

It is the favourite of ambitious touring bikers and alpine crossers. Completely redesigned, it sits perfectly on the trail and ensures the best ventilation with optimum control thanks to the small contact surface of the Airstripes back system. The functional layout and the large, fold-out organiser compartment ensure order and a clear overview. 

Deuter Trans Alpine Pro (28 l)

Deuter Trans Alpine Pro

28 l

6. Deuter Aircontact X 80+15

Trekking backpack for tours away from the hustle and bustle with plenty of space for equipment.

Deuter Aircontact X 80+15 (80 l)

Deuter Aircontact X 80+15

80 l

7. Deuter Futura Air Trek 50 + 10

Is long-distance hiking your thing? Then the Futura Air Trek, which offers maximum comfort on long trips, is your ideal companion. The VariSlide system allows for infinite adjustment to any body size. Moveable VariFlex ECL hip fins with ergonomic padded inserts ensure a comfortable fit. The Aircomfort Sensic mesh back system provides optimal ventilation. To give you maximum space and organization for your belongings, there is a side pocket and a pocket on the height-adjustable flap (+10 L) in addition to the large front access. 

Deuter Futura Air Trek 50 + 10 (50 l)

Deuter Futura Air Trek 50 + 10

50 l

8. Deuter Trail 32 EL

Trail 32 EL.

9. Deuter Amager 25+5

Deuter Amager 25+5 (30 l)
131.– was 166.78

Deuter Amager 25+5

30 l

10. Deuter Futura Pro

The Futura Pro has been thought through in every detail and was developed for multi-day tours where comfort should not be lacking. Therefore, the hiking backpack has the ergonomic Aircomfort Sensic Pro mesh back system. This ensures maximum back ventilation thanks to the innovative mesh. In addition, the movable VariFlex ECL hip fins with ergonomic padding inserts enable energy-saving carrying. Thanks to the clear compartmentalisation, the luggage can be stored sensibly and easily in the lid compartment, in the side bellows pockets, in the separate bottom compartment and in the spacious main compartment.