Sticking + Glueing

Glue, glue stick or adhesive tape, glue, glue stick or adhesive tape, Pritt or Prittstift and also superglue can be found in our assortment.
Our best-known brands: Pritt, Eagle Owl and Tesa. You want to
stick your photos in the album. We have the appropriate photo adhesives for this. 

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Scotch - Desk roller (19mm)

UHU - Sekundenkleber (3g)

Tesa - Handabroller (50mm)

Herma - Fotokleber (12mm, 0.02m)

Tesa - Hand dispenser Packer 6400 (500g, 50mm, 66m)

Elmer's - craft glue

Tesa - adhesive nail wallpaper & plaster 1kg

Tesa - Tack Doppelseitige Klebepads

Pritt - Original (22g)

Pritt - Klebestifte (43g)

Folia - Washi Tape Set

3M - Spray Mount

Papeteria - Photo adhesive 500pcs

Scotch - Magic Tape, 14 rolls (19mm, 33m)

UHU - Patafix Homedeco

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