Paper guillotines

They are popular and used everywhere: in open-plan offices and workshops, in publishing houses and printing houses. In short: wherever paper has to be cut precisely and quickly. For cutting lengths up to 720 mm and cutting heights up to 95 mm. 

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Olympia - G 3310 (10Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Olympia - Rollenschneider TR 1307 (7Sheets, A0, rotary cutter)

Ideal - 1134 (25Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Dahle - 502 (8Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Dahle - 534 (15Sheets, A3, Paper cutter)

Ideal - 1058 (40Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Dahle - 561 (35Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Ideal - 1038 (50Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Olympia - G 3115 DIN A 4 Lever cutter (A4, Paper cutter)

Ideal - 1046 (30Sheets, A3, Paper cutter)

Olympia - TR 1003 (4Sheets, A4, rotary cutter)

Dahle - 533 (15Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Ideal - 1135 (25Sheets, A4, Paper cutter)

Dahle - 550 (20Sheets, A4, rotary cutter)

Fiskars - Personal SuceCut Schneidemaschine (A4, Paper cutter)

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