A low-noise signal converter (from the English Low Noise Block, or LNB; and Low Noise Converter, or LNC) is the first electronic component of a satellite reception system located at the focal point of a parabolic antenna. The LNB signal converter is used to receive the weak, high-frequency satellite signals and convert them into lower frequencies. The signal is then forwarded to the TV receiver. 

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Opticum - Monoblock Single LMP-04H (HA)

Opticum - LMQP-04H Monoblock Quad 6° Astra-Hotbird

Opticum - Monoblock Twin Hotbird-Astra

Opticum - LTP-04H Twin

- LNB Single IQS

- Quad/Switch TITANIUM TQS

Opticum - Wideband

inverto - Single Monoblock 6

inverto - Twin Monoblock 6

Hama - Universal-Quad-LNB

Humax - IDdigital/ LNB 248, Monoblock 6°, Quad, 0.1dB, 40mm

inverto - Ultra Dual-Satelliten-LNB

Opticum - Monoblock Single LMP-04H (AH) 6° Astra-Hotbird

Goobay - Universal Twin


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