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    Peter (60 W)
    Stadler Form Peter (60 W)
    PC-VL 3067 (120 W)
    Profi-Care PC-VL 3067 (120 W)
    Leo (18 W)
    Stadler Form Leo (18 W)
    Turbo Silent Extreme + (70 W)
    Rowenta Turbo Silent Extreme + (70 W)
    Air 360° (23.50 W)
    Meaco Air 360° (23.50 W)
    Vind (45 W)
    Sonnenkönig Vind (45 W)
    Fresh Breeze (45 W)
    Trisa Fresh Breeze (45 W)
    Peter (60 W)
    Stadler Form Peter (60 W)
    Visby (40 W)
    Do it + Garden Visby (40 W)
    Otto (50 W)
    Stadler Form Otto (50 W)
    Peter leatherette (60 W)
    Stadler Form Peter leatherette (60 W)
    Fresh Air (45 W)
    Trisa Fresh Air (45 W)
    Lund (55 W)
    Do it + Garden Lund (55 W)
    FS40-16JR (42 W)
    Furber FS40-16JR (42 W)
    Mini (2.50 W)
    Do it + Garden Mini (2.50 W)
    Smartmi Pedestal Fan 3 (25 W)
    Xiaomi Smartmi Pedestal Fan 3 (25 W)
    Turbo Silence Extreme (70 W)
    Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme (70 W)
    Turbo Silence Extrem (40 W)
    Rowenta Turbo Silence Extrem (40 W)
    SVL40 (45 W)
    Weber Home SVL40 (45 W)
    Whisper (220 W)
    Duux Whisper (220 W)
    SmartMi 2S (25 W)
    Xiaomi SmartMi 2S (25 W)
    Vind (45 W)
    Sonnenkönig Vind (45 W)

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    Do you need to cool down? When temperatures rise to record highs in summer and the heat lasts for a long time, fans are an absolute must. Especially hot still air quickly makes us feel the heat even more intensely. In this case, a good ventilator gets the air moving and creates a pleasant cooling effect with the even air flow. Fans are also cheaper to buy and have lower power consumption than air conditioners. There are various fans on the market, which differ in size, shape and application.

    The table fan, for example, is very suitable for the workplace, but can also be used universally and is easy to stow away when the weather conditions change. The table fan has a high efficiency due to its rotatable head. On Galaxus you will find good brands such as Arctic, Meaco, Rowenta and Stadler Form, which offer quality table fans.

    The floor standing fan is also one of the most popular fans, as it is powerful and can be placed inconspicuously in a corner, from where it cools the room very effectively. Different models from Dyson, Kibernetik, Rowenta, Stadler Form and Trisa provide a wide range of choices on Galaxus.

    The best known fan is the ceiling fan. Once it is installed, it is as natural as the light switch. The fan on the ceiling is able to give a feeling of freshness in a very short time.

    The USB fans and hand fans are the smallest fans. The USB fans have a USB port and are connected to the smartphone for power supply. At the workplace they can provide a pleasant cooling like the table fans. The hand fans are mobile fan solutions and can be transported everywhere. They can also be charged with the USB charging cable.