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An antenna (or aerial) is an electrical device which converts electric power into radio waves, and vice versa. It is usually used with a radio transmitter or radio receiver. In transmission, a radio transmitter supplies an oscillating radio frequency electric current to the antenna's terminals, and the antenna radiates the energy from the current as electromagnetic waves (radio waves). 

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Hama - DAB/DAB+ Zimmerantenne (Indoor antenna, 30dB, DAB/ DAB+)

Selfsat - H50M, 6.2° Dual (Flat antenna, 33.70dB, DVB-S / -S2)

Selfsat - H30D (Flat antenna, 33.70dB, DVB-S / -S2)

Selfsat - H50M2, 6.2° Dual Flachantenne Twin, für Astra & Hotbird gleichzeitig (Flat antenna, 33.70dB, DVB-S / -S2)

Selfsat - H30D2 Twin (Flat antenna, 33.70dB, DVB-S / -S2)

Selfsat - Snipe V3 Single (Flat antenna, 33.70dB, DVB-S / -S2)

TechniSat - Multytenne, DuoSat 6.2° (Astra 19.2 & Hotbird 13), 1-Teilnehmer (Parabolic antenna, 32.20dB, DVB-S / -S2)

Schwaiger - UKW Wurfantenne (Indoor antenna, UKW / MW / LW)

Hama - DVB-T/DVB-T2 rod antenna Performance 15 (Monopole antenna, DVB-T / -T2)

Hama - Throwing antenna (dipoles) (Flat antenna, UKW / MW / LW)

TRIAX - TDS 78 H-1, Offset-Parabolreflektor (Parabolic antenna, 37.10dB, DVB-S / -S2)

TechniSat - Multytenne DuoSat 6.2° (Astra 19.2 & Hotbird 13), 2-Teilnehmer (Parabolic antenna, 32.20dB, DVB-S / -S2)

TRIAX - TDS 110 H-1, Offset-Parabolreflektor (Parabolic antenna, 40.20dB, DVB-S / -S2)

One for All - DVB-T FHD Outdoor SV-9455 (Flat antenna, 52dB, DVB-T / -T2, DAB/ DAB+)

TechniSat - SATMAN 1200 single, ROT (Parabolic antenna, 41.30dB, DVB-S / -S2)

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