Access points

An access point ("wireless access point") works almost the same as a WLAN repeater. Main difference: In contrast to the repeater, the access point receives the signal via a LAN connection and then forwards it. Furthermore, the access point transmits on a different channel than the router. Furthermore, an access point can be used in ad hoc mode as an interface between several terminals. This allows devices such as computers and printers to be connected wirelessly.

In our assortment you will find among others products from the following brands: Alcatel-Lucent, ASUS, AVM, Cisco, Devolo, D-Link, EnGenius, HPE, Huawei, Linksys, MikroTik, Netgear, TP Link, Ubiquiti, Zyxel.

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Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC-PRO (1300Mbit/s, 450Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC-PRO - Set of 3 (1300Mbit/s, 450Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP NanoHD (1733Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - Ultimate UniFi Starter Set (1300Mbit/s, 450Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC-PRO - Set of 5 (1300Mbit/s, 450Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC NanoHD set of 3 (1733Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC-LITE (867Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC-LR (866Mbit/s, 450Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP-AC-M MESH (867Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP-AC-HD (1733Mbit/s, 800Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi UAP-IW-HD: Inwall AP (1733Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP FlexHD (1733Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

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Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC NanoHD set of 5 (1733Mbit/s, 300Mbit/s)

Ubiquiti - UniFi AP AC-HD - set of 5 (1733Mbit/s, 800Mbit/s)