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Triangle Magellan QUATUOR (1 pair, Floorstanding speaker, mahogany) Actual product image
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Triangle Magellan QUATUOR (1 pair, Floorstanding speaker, mahogany)


Magellan QUATUOR (1 pair, Floorstanding speaker, Black)
Magellan QUATUOR (1 pair, Floorstanding speaker, White)


Key specifications

TypeFloorstanding speaker
Impedance3 - 8 Ω (ohm)
Area of usehome cinema, Hi-fi
Speaker usePassive
Nominal power260 W

General information

Manufacturer Triangle
Product type Hi-fi + Home cinema speakers

Hi-fi + Home cinema speakers

A loudspeaker (or "speaker") is an electroacoustic transducer that produces sound in response to an electrical audio signal input. Non-electrical loudspeakers were developed as accessories to telephone systems, but electronic amplification by vacuum tube made loudspeakers more generally useful. The most common form of loudspeaker uses a paper cone supporting a voice coil electromagnet acting on a permanent magnet, but many other types exist. Where high fidelity reproduction of sound is required, multiple loudspeakers may be used, each reproducing a part of the audible frequency range. Miniature loudspeakers are found in devices such as radio and TV receivers, and many forms of music players. Larger loudspeaker systems are used for music, sound reinforcement in theatres and concerts, and in public address systems.

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Item number9314358
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Application range

Speaker packaging unit
1 pair
Speaker type
Floorstanding speaker

Floorstanding speaker

The classic hi-fi loudspeaker - the epitome of direct, authentic, simply excellent music reproduction. Thanks to comparatively generous cabinet dimensions compared to satellite or bookshelf loudspeakers, floorstanding loudspeakers achieve a significantly larger frequency range than their smaller counterparts. In pure stereo reproduction, floor-standing loudspeakers can play to their full strength, but they can now also be excellently integrated into multi-channel systems and provide an outstanding front backdrop.

Speaker use


Passive speakers require an external amplifier, often in the form of an AV receiver or stereo amplifier.

Area of use
home cinema
Audio channel

Audio channel

The descriptions of audio sound specifications distinguish between the number of discrete channels encoded in the original signal and the number of channels reproduced for playback.

Bass reflex
Bass reflex port
rear port


Colour group
Colour designation
Gloss level
High gloss

High gloss

Gloss is an optical property descrbing the ability of a surface to reflect light into the specular direction. The factors that affect gloss are the refractive index of the material, the angle of incident light and the surface topography.

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Material group


Wood is generally used to describe the solid or hard tissue of the stems (trunk, branches and twigs) of trees and shrubs. Botanically, wood is defined as the secondary xylem of seed plants produced by cambium. According to this definition, however, the woody tissues of palm trees and other higher plants are not wood in the narrower sense. However, the storage of lignin in the cell wall is also characteristic here. In a broader definition, wood is therefore also understood as lignified plant tissue. From a cultural-historical point of view, woody plants are probably among the oldest used plants. As a versatile, but especially renewable raw material, wood remains one of the most important plant products to this day.

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Passive speaker properties

Speaker principle


The loudspeaker has three loudspeakers to which the frequency spectrum is applied.

Nominal power
260 W
Power handling capacity (max.)
500 W
3 - 8 Ω (ohm)
90 - dB


In consumer electronics, bi-amping refers to the technology of operating a loudspeaker box with two or more external amplifiers. Several loudspeaker chassis or groups of loudspeaker chassis, which work together in one box, are each controlled with a separate amplifier.

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Playback frequency properties

Transmission range
33 - 20000 Hz
Crossover frequency
400 - 2800 Hz

Product dimensions

371 mm
1338 mm
423 mm
45 kg


Connections (inputs)

Connections (inputs)

Connection to the main unit

Screw terminals

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Returns and warranty

Warranty 24 month Bring-in
30-day right of return

30-day right of return

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Warranty extension

Warranty extension

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Triangle Magellan QUATUOR (1 pair, Floorstanding speaker, mahogany) Triangle Magellan QUATUOR (1 pair, Floorstanding speaker, mahogany)