• Firewall USG6510E-AC
  • Firewall USG6510E-AC
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Huawei Firewall USG6510E-AC


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User stvnkelemen

It is worth to buy.

It is a very advance and fast firewall.
It can work in hybrid L2/L3 mode and has 12 ports(2 optic!), thus eliminating the needs of a switch. The documentation is excellent and it comes with 1 year of vendor support.
If you know how to, you can go as advancec as:
IPv4/6 dual stack. IPv6 PD. (It supports NAT66 if PD is not available at your provider.)
Dual homed scenario with Policy based routing (Actively probing the primary provider. In case of total loss it switches to the backup)
SSL VPN with or without hiding the original client IP.
IPSec protected DSVPN. DDOS protection.
Provides full visibility on the network traffic in real time & preserves the history.
The number one Swiss telco provider is using its big brother.
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