Jet-Tronic door-sequencer

Your model has a complicated (undercarriage) flap control? Before take-off, the model is on the runway, the undercarriage is extended, but the undercarriage flaps are closed.
After take-off the following should happen: flaps open, undercarriage retracted, flaps closed. On landing everything must happen the other way round: For our sequencer such sequences are no problem! Our door sequencer is a further development of a flap control system that has been in use for 10 years. It has the following features:Easy programming with the help of a rotary encoder and a coding switch.Switching point adjustable, thus multiple uses on one channel possible.Three operating modes: Mode 1: Flaps open, landing gear extended, flaps closed. Mode 2: Flaps open, landing gear extended, flaps remain open. Mode 3: Main gear doors open, landing gear extended, doors closed. Nose gear flap open, extend landing gear, flap remains open.Features:3 flap outputs, 1 landing gear output3 operating modes for all possible usesEnd position, direction and times of all servos programmableSwitch reminderNo programming device required 61160-0040.

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