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RP-SMA Buchse zu RP-SMA-ST 2m
CHF 16.50
Delock RP-SMA Buchse zu RP-SMA-ST 2m

Question about Delock RP-SMA Buchse zu RP-SMA-ST 2m

User Brimstone
 Accepted answer

Yes, it is. You should get a lawyer and sue Digitec for all their money...

Or just buy it somewhere else.

PS: Prices may vary depending on the day and hour anytime. It may also have been an error.

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User jeje1307

Thank you for your quick answers.
Yes probably, was just kind of disapointed, usually digitec is cheaper and i know i can trust them on quality, I finally bough it elsewhere (Got 5 of them for 44$).


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