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UBP-X800 (Wi-Fi, Black)
CHF 300.–
Sony UBP-X800 (Wi-Fi, Black)

Question about Sony UBP-X800 (Wi-Fi, Black)

User dvoltz

The Sony player has a compatibility problem with my Yamaha RX-1060 set in "mode 1" (4k/60p HDR 4.x.x) !! Apple TV 4K/60p is working fine in this mode 1 with the same cable (Inakustic Premium HDMI 18Gbps). I have to switch to "mode 2" (whith no HDR support...) but then Apple TV is downgraded to 4k/SDR... Sony official support says "should work"...but itsn't ! Any idea ?

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User Alessandro Bottinelli
 Accepted answer

We have no idea, especially since, according to the Sony support, it should work. We would've guessed that it doesn't support HDR and that's the issue.

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User dvoltz

This player has a excellent HDR treatment according to different reviews, but with this Yamaha receiver it seem's to have compatibility issues. Looking to as Yamaha Support, but in .CH its very difficult to get answers for those kind of products.

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