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  • GS105E-200PES
  • GS105E-200PES
CHF 40.10
Netgear GS105E-200PES

Question about Netgear GS105E-200PES

User Anonymous
 Accepted answer

It's an "unmanaged PLUS" switch (can also be seen in the specs): So it has basic management funktionalities:

"On top of the plug-N-play Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, these switches also offer essential networking features such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, Link Aggregation (LAG), rate limiting and traffic monitoring. "

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User Gilgwath

I bought one of these as it still was labeled as managed and was disappointed because it has no web interface, like one would expect from a managed switch. To use the layer 3 functions of this switch you need to configure it with proprietary software (that only runs on windows, god knows why... Java anyone?). So its technically a managed switch, but only for windows users :P

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