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A laptop computer is a personal computer for mobile use.

Discussion about Notebooks

User c_moi_coincoin

When is Digitec going to get the more popular/abordable Pascal GPU's notebooks?


I've been waiting nearly half a year to get a decent (GTX1060 or even 1050) 14/15.6' notebook for work, but except the Razer Blade which is in US layout and overpriced, I only saw heavy & bulky notebooks using the latest GPUs.

Do you have a release date for more popular notebooks like the ASUS G502VM, ASUS FX502VM or even the 2016 Razer blade with CH layout?

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User pedro.iserte.llacer

I'm in the situation as you are. Sadly, i don't think Razer are going to provide us with another Keyboards, for they are a small company.

I would like something like the msi gs63vr... but with a 1070 XD

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