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Network switches

A network switch or switching hub is a computer networking device that connects network segments.
The term commonly refers to a network bridge that processes and routes data at the data link layer (layer 2) of the OSI model. Switches that additionally process data at the network layer (layer 3 and above) are often referred to as Layer 3 switches or multilayer switches.
The term network switch does not generally encompass unintelligent or passive network devices such as hubs and repeaters.
The first Ethernet switch was introduced by Kalpana in 1990.

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User businessmarkt

Welcher Switch für VoIP Telefonie

Wir sind gerade unsere alte Telefonzentrale am ersetzen (umstieg auf VoIP Telefonie) und wir benötigen zwei Switch mit je 48 Port mit PoE. Worauf muss man achten und was muss der Switch unbedingt erfüllen?

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