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Graphics cards

A video card, video adapter, graphics accelerator card, display adapter, or graphics card is an expansion card which generates output images to a display. Most video cards offer added functions, such as accelerated rendering of 3D scenes and 2D graphics, video capture, TV-tuner adapter, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 decoding, FireWire, light pen, TV output, or the ability to connect multiple monitors (multi-monitor). Other modern high performance video cards are used for more graphically demanding purposes, such as PC games.
Video hardware is often integrated into the motherboard, however all modern motherboards provide expansion ports to which a video card can be attached. In this configuration it is sometimes referred to as a video controller or graphics controller.

Discussion about Graphics cards

User Tashinga.M

RX 570/580 Price increase?!

What is up with the sudden price increase on digitec of the RX 570 and RX 580 cards. Just last week the rx 570 was going for 239 and now its over 300 ????? Talking about the ASUS and Sapphire 500 Series.

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User Marco_L

If I was you I would buy it ASAP; the lack of the RX 570/580 is forcing miners to go for the GTX1060/1070 and prices will keep increasing for the next few months... can't really blame the miners the RX will pay for itself in a couple months, then it's all profit (- electricity if you pay for it).

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