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Fake items arrival estimates?

I was following my order information about the RTX 3080 Strix OC I ordered more than one month ago. Some weeks ago a sort of "countdown" appeared in my order page and the expected date of arrival of the item in the Digitec warehouse was TODAY, December 3 (yesterday on my order page it said "expected tomorrow"). Now after refreshing the page it says "No information available", just like after placing the order. It should be possible to know and view the schedule of the GPUs that have to arrive at Digitec warehouse and that are already pre-ordered by customers so everyone is able to know when will receive their card. This seems a bit like deceiving the customer honestly.
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It's the same for me, ordered on 17 September....I very disappointed, more than 2 months.... for not having a card
darkfennecposted 1 month ago
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Same here !
So now what !?
It's honestly the biggest F****** S*** show I have ever witnessed, how come we don't have an EXACT schedule of how many people there is on the D*** waiting list what is our position, who has been served already and when we can expect cards, cause for SURE you (digitec) must know how many your ordered, how many are on the way, when are they arriving etc, this is known information and it should be public.
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I talked with a rep yesterday who was kind enough to explain the situation to me. Basically, they've received less than 100 units since launch and are waiting for a 500 unit to be delivered but it keeps getting pushed back with no information whatsoever regarding when the situation will normalize from their supplier (Asus I presume).

That being said, I also agree that having a countdown to a delivery date that ends up with an unknown status is pretty bad in terms of customer satisfaction as Digitec is, even if unintentional, misleading customers into believing that their will be fulfilled as expected.

Rather than knowing when the cards arrive at the warehouse since Digitec surely has a chronological list of all their orders, I'd like to see my place in the queue reported to me under the expected delivery date on my order page. This would allow me to follow things a bit more closely. Can a community manager please forward this feedback to the devs?
J'ai parlé hier à un représentant qui a eu la gentillesse de m'expliquer la situation. Fondamentalement, ils ont reçu moins de 100 unités depuis le lancement et attendent une livraison de 500 pièces qui continue à être repoussée sans aucune information de la part de leur fournisseur (Asus je présume).

Ceci dit, je trouve aussi qu'avoir un compte à rebours jusqu'à une date de livraison qui se solde par un statut inconnu est plutôt mauvais en termes de satisfaction client car Digitec, même involontairement, induit en erreur en faisant croire que la commande est sur le point d'aboutir.

Plutôt que de savoir quand les cartes arrivent à l'entrepôt, j'imagine que Digitec dispose d'une liste chronologique de toutes leurs commandes. Si tel est le cas, j'aimerais pouvoir voir ma place dans la file d'attente sur ma page de commande. Cela me permettrait de suivre les choses d'un peu plus près. Est-ce qu'un community manager peut transmettre cette requête aux développeurs?
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Hello, I am in the same situation, card paid on 30.9.2020, I had the joy to see on the order page ( delivery scheduled today) and there is the cold shower, actually the lack of information ends up in a slight irritation for the customer....
Bonjour, je suis dans la même situation, carte payée le 30.9.2020, j'ai eu la joie de voir sur la page de commande ( livraison prévue aujourd'hui) et là c'est la douche froide, effectivement le manque d'information se solde par une légère irritation pour moi....
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Exactly the same for me, i even planned the Day around this Date to be able and grab the Card from the Shop. Pretty sure Yannick Cejka which is in charge for informing the Community about the GPUs got a call from his Buddy in eastern europe and redirected Cards there, wouldnt surprise me the slightest with how Digitec behaves in the past time.
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And the worst is that, since I have seen this dates (since start of november it was saying expected early december) I didn't check other websites or ordered something else cause I was sure that when the damn countdown is here it means business... I guess christmas is cancelled everybody go back home come back at the end of 2021 at this point to HOPE to have a god damn 20 series !!!!!!! oh the rage is so going on right now

Anyway the only and sole reason for my update is cyberpunk if it runs fine on my current setup adios the 30 series
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Siraeposted 1 month ago
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das gleiche bei mir... bestellt am Releasetag 17.09, gestern hiess es noch "heute 1300" und jetzt "Aktuell nicht lieferbar und kein Liefertermin vorhanden."
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I've started the same discussion in another thread:

There are multiple problems that cause this situation and due to the fact that we do not have any insights in to how digitec handles larger masses of order-queues, orders and pre-orders, therefore we can't really extrapolate when the cards will be sent to the customers. What I personally noted was that as soon as one card is available, multiple buyers try to buy it. They all order the card while the system needs a couple of minutes or even hours to elaborate and evaluate all the requests. Therefore the shipping date gets moved on and on again.

What we know is:
- There aren't enough GPU to cover customers need
- A couple of poacher are buying them to resell them at higher prices (why is there no system to avoid it)
- Digitec is not communicating enough.
elmatadorposted 1 month ago
posted 1 month ago
Ah yes @elmatador I just don't really understand german but I see I am not alone which is indeed a problem.
As you note we have zero communication... and we need some ! I still don't understand how after all this time they haven't figured out stock really, they announce in september so i suppose they manufacture it couple of months prior but apprently nope. I sent a message to the support and have been lucky enough to receive an answer from them. As I understand it they are as lost as we are... (i really don't understand it) and they legitimately have no idea what so ever when (or even if) they will receive cards. They said to me that their supplier has no idea when they will be able to deliver cards.

At this point it is fair to say that we won't have cards until god knows when. And for sure not before cyberpunk or christmas and it doesn't matter as for when you bought it as I understood cause some here bought it on launch days and still didn't receive anything.

We are indeed eligible for a full refund but that means loosing your place in the queue...

If someone would tell me we won't have cards until christmas I wouldn't have believed it... I sincerely hope nvidia will have its stock market crashed to the ground, I know it won't but it should...
Siraeposted 1 month ago
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Same here. It happened twice for me. Once in late October, and once just yesterday.
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