Best 4G router with a good price tag?

I'm looking for a good 4G router to go along with my Unlimited Surf Plan from Salt.
But i don't want to spend too much, the price limit would be like 200CHF.

I will use it like a normal ISP router so i need at least 1 RJ45 connector on the back.
The Wi-Fi is not mandatory cause i have an AP from Ubiquiti.

What's your suggestions?

Thanks for the help!
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My recommandation is Archer MR600, which has 3 LAN ports and use cat 6. The price is also below 200CHF. It works great when traveling.
Gabriel.Velascoposted 3 months ago
posted 3 months ago
why you don't go to the UDM of ubiquiti?

Off topic.. the AP of the ubiquiti it's good??
Brunofilipeposted 2 months ago
posted 2 months ago

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