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Oral-B Pro 2

Oral-B Pro 2


3 years ago
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Good old indestructible, this ime 2 for the price of 1

I was using the same old one for 8 years, it survived a lot: so many falls on the floor, half a year without charging in a forgotten place, traveled all around the word. At the end I forgot it in a hotel I am never going back. Still have the old charger.
- battery is not great, but it never dies
- no fancy 10.000 different functions, but you need just 1
- there were 2 in this package for the price of 1
I just hope that after all this time the quality stayed the same. Hard to believe, as it would somehow ruin their business.


  • indestructible
  • only the function you need
  • this tme in black :D


  • can you stop making 1.000 versions?

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