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Oskar big (100 m²)
Stadler Form Oskar big (100 m²)


2 years ago
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3 out of 5 stars

Good looking but hard to maintain the set humidity

It's good looking, compact, has large water tank (enough for at least 24 hours), and a good performance (quickly restores humidity after airing).

However the big disadvantage is that the humidity sensor is totally incorrect.
I have two standalone hygrometers, I set it next to this Oscar device and they show 38% and 40%. Additionally I brought from another room a different humidifier that has builtin sensor, it shows 42%. Naturally the readings are slightly different, but it's obvious that the humidity is about 40%. Yet, when I set Oscar to 4 blue LED which is 55% according to the manual, it switches on and off intermittently, which means that it thinks that it's about 55% in the room! So the only way to get to 45% is to set it to level 5 which is constant operation and then use standalone hygrometers to turn the device on and off.

This is a big flaw. I would have sent it back but it takes time and there is no guarantee that another one would be better. So I just leave with this semi-manual operation.


  • good looking
  • big volume
  • quiet


  • humidity sensor does not work propertly!