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Logitech Bluetooth Audio-Receiver (Receiver)
34.70 CHF

Logitech Bluetooth Audio-Receiver



6 years ago
purchased this product

Cheap but the auto-connect function is very annoying!!

The auto-connect function is extremely annoying!! Even if you manually disconnect from it, either from your phone or from your laptop, a few seconds later it will reconnect. So if you are near it and you do not wish to hear the audio from it, the only way is to unplug it. Also when many devices are in its range, you don't know which are connected to it and some times it is not the one you want. When this happens you have to either disable bluetooth from the devices that you don't want, or forget it from the device you want to play sound from, and pair it again with it. 


  • Cheap
  • OK sound quality
  • 2 devices can be connected at the same time, but only one can stream sound


  • auto connect
  • no power switch
  • gets complicated and frustrating when multiple devices are in range.

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