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Mobile phone covers

Mobile phone coversMobile phone covers

Mobile phone screen protectors

Mobile phone screen protectorsMobile phone screen protectors

Sports watch + Smart watch accessories

Sports watch + Smart watch accessoriesSports watch + Smart watch accessories

Headphone pouches + protective covers

Headphone pouches + protective coversHeadphone pouches + protective covers

USB cables

USB cablesUSB cables

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RhinoShield develops protective films, protective sleeves, protective glasses and bumper cases that provide maximum impact protection for your smartphone. A special coating technology ensures optimal protection against scratches from keys, pens, coins and even the claws of a pet. Thus, your smartphone remains optimally protected.
RhinoShield was developed with the support of the Kickstarter community and designed in April 2012 by Evolutive Labs, a company founded by Cambridge University students. RhinoShield's research and development has an innovative focus, with extensive knowledge of materials science and many years of technical experience.