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The Oral-B brand was founded by a dentist and they are still proud to work very closely with dentists in the development of new toothbrushes. The best-known series of electric toothbrushes from Oral-B are the Genius, Pulsonic and iO series. The Genius models are a little older, but often very well equipped with many useful features. If you are looking for a price-performance champion, you will probably find it here. Unlike the competition, the Pulsonic models do not clean the teeth by means of sound waves, but by a very high-frequency vibration of the bristles. The iO series is the latest model series from Oral-B. It has a display and can be connected to the smartphone via app. Oral-B's electric toothbrushes use oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology. The brush head loosens plaque by pulsing, which is then wiped away by oscillating and rotating. A 2-minute timer ensures that you have enough time to clean your teeth. The Oral-B electric toothbrushes also have a visual pressure sensor that gives you visual and audible feedback when you apply too much pressure while brushing.