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    The Nuki Smart Lock transforms existing door locks into digital access systems and turns your smartphone into a smart key. No conversion work is necessary to install the Smart Lock. The electronic door lock is simply placed on the inside of the door on the existing cylinder and can also be removed again without leaving any residue, making it ideal for rental properties.

    Advantages: It replaces the physical key with the smartphone and automatically locks the door at defined times. The additional door sensor makes it possible to see at all times whether the door is actually closed. Nuki offers maximum flexibility with up to 200 individually adjustable authorizations that can be assigned simultaneously. Thanks to optional accessories (Nuki Keypad, Nuki Fob) the Nuki Smart Lock is also suitable for people without smartphone.

    In combination with the Nuki Bridge, the Nuki Smart Lock is the most flexible smart door lock in Europe when it comes to integration with existing smart home systems.

    By integrating with Apple HomeKit, the Smart Lock can now also be controlled with Siri, managed via the Apple Home app and included in scenes.

    Thanks to the new door sensor, the Smart Lock now not only shows the status of the locking cylinder, but also that of the door.