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Network cables

Network cablesNetwork cables

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USB cablesUSB cables

Video cables

Video cablesVideo cables

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Audio CableAudio Cable

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Power cablesPower cables

Notebook adapters

Notebook adaptersNotebook adapters

Top-rated Lindy products

Lindy Network cable (S/FTP, CAT7, 2 m)
Network cables
12.30per piece for 2 units6.15/1m

Lindy Network cable

Lindy Network cable (FTP, CAT5e, 1 m)
Network cables
11.–per piece for 2 units11.–/1m

Lindy Network cable

Lindy Network cable (S/FTP, CAT6, 0.30 m)
Network cables
8.10per piece for 3 units27.–/1m

Lindy Network cable


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    Logo of the Lindy brand


    Lindy Electronics produces computer and audiovisual connectivity products.

    In 1932, from a small apartment in Breslau, Germany, Kurt Lindenberg started a family business that was the beginning of the Lindy group. The Lindy logo, which is still used in a similar form today, was created in the mid-1970s. The Lindy Electronic Station was their first product to be fully developed and designed in-house.