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Eastpak has been manufacturing high quality backpacks and bags since 1952. This year, Eastern Canvas Products USA was awarded the first contract with the military to manufacture high-quality garment bags, backpacks and safety equipment for the US Army by the General Manager Monte Goldman. And although the brand we know today probably grew out of these early roots, it still owes its strict quality standards to these early beginnings.

And the product portfolio continues to grow, with a range of stylish backpacks, shoulder bags, clothing and extremely durable luggage to make city life easier and more enjoyable. Many items feature built-in multimedia pockets, laptop sleeves, and a host of other ingenious features that will help you fill your day with more life. Whether you cross the city or the globe, with EASTPAK you can seamlessly travel the urban landscape. Of course, this raises the question of what is next for the brand, which began producing simple garment bags for the American G.I.s before they appeared in the city? Whatever the future brings, EASTPAK's proud and versatile heritage will keep it ahead in style and function, always keeping an eye on the fun.