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    CTEK SWEDEN AB develops and manufactures a unique series of battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries for both domestic and professional use. Thanks to CTEK's unrivalled innovation, the company has been able to develop the latest technology with several patented features and characteristics that make CTEK battery chargers and accessories unique. CTEK offers the market high quality and reliable chargers and accessories that are effective, user-friendly and above all safe (for the user, the vehicle electronics, the battery and the charger).

    CTEK was founded in 1997; the company is a sister company of Creator Teknisk Utveckling AB (a leading design and development consultancy), which was established in 1982.
    CTEK started developing its battery expertise back in 1992 when a leading battery manufacturer contracted Creator to carry out research and development within the field of battery technology. The company was then commissioned to develop a new system of battery chargers that would meet the charging and maintenance requirements of new generations of batteries.
    The research and development program ended when an American corporation bought Creator's customer. Creator understood that the now patented system would be an excellent business idea worldwide. So CTEK was created to design, develop, manufacture and market its own battery chargers.

    Since its foundation, CTEK has sold more than 6.2 million battery chargers in more than 70 countries around the world. CTEK is a reliable supplier to the world's most respected vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers. CTEK has won more than 15 different independent battery charger tests since 2005.