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    Since Babymoov was founded in 1997 by three fathers, innovation has always been the key element in the development of new products. A goal should be achieved: To create new and increasingly innovative products that make life easier for young parents. The unique development process, "Live Open Innovation", focuses primarily on the use of products created in collaboration with the best experts: The mothers themselves.
    Days on which Babymoov is immersed in the everyday life of its parents, meetings with mothers, GoPro assignments with test parents, collaboration with experts and the Babymoov Observatory offer the brand many opportunities to observe and understand the everyday life of families. The best conditions for creating the right products.

    And because Babymoov also sets standards in service, the brand offers a lifetime guarantee on all products. This warranty is subject to conditions. To activate the warranty extension, you must register on the website within 2 months of purchasing the product.