• SlimBlade (Kabelgebunden)
  • SlimBlade (Kabelgebunden)
  • SlimBlade (Kabelgebunden)
CHF 118.–
Kensington SlimBlade (Kabelgebunden)

Bewertung zu Kensington SlimBlade (Kabelgebunden).

User SoundAvenue

Poor quality at a high price.

The first SlimBlade I ordered had the ball not flowing well, resulting in an imprecise, jerky movement of the pointer.
Digitec kindly replaced me with a second device. In this the ball was almost perfect but it had other problems. The upper mouse button pair did not work when pressed at the same time, which is part of the mouse function. Also, the chassis is so poor in quality that the SlimBlade doesn't sit flat on the table, but rocks here and there like an old coffee table. Disappointed.

Instead I am not disappointed with Digitec's service, always impeccable and quick to help.

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