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dLAN 1200+ WiFi Starter Kit (1200 Mbit/s)
Devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi Starter Kit (1200 Mbit/s)


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I've reached out to Devolo for assistance, but I think these are going to have to be returned

Absolutely useless for my needs.

We moved into a new apartment block that was completed in 2014, they have used good quality cabling throughout.

The apartment is on the first floor and the storage room is on -1, there
is about 50-70m of electrical cabling between the rooms and these devices are supposed to be rated for up to 300m. It is all on the same electrical circuit.

The throughput is a whopping 10mbit per second... yes, that's mbit, not mbyte... so about 1-1.2MB... too slow to even stream a 1080p video file, let alone something 4k!

The connection from home office to living room is equally poor, albeit at least usable. I get about 150mbit over a 25m cable run... even their software thinks it should get 600-650mbit and the PCs/router involved can max out a gigabit connection very easily.


  • Easy to connect
  • 150 mbit within the same apartment is still usable, even for 4k


  • Over small cable run to basement, the speed is utterly useless
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