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Astro Gaming A50


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Great wireless headset. Worth the price. Does have a few minor issues.

The Astra A50 is an awesome headset. I opted for Astro, since around 3 years ago, I had an A40 and loved the quality.
The A50 is no different. The audio quality is outstanding. The microphone quality is very decent too,
but I my friends via Discord did mention, that the headset microphone I was using before, did sound better (Sennheiser PC 373D).

Receiving the headset, I had to charge it for almost half a day, for it to reach 100% (around 10-12 hours).

The installation of the software was very easy and self explanatory. The Command Center Software is very easy to use and allows you to customize your audio to a large extent.

The distance the headset works is rather decent. I can get behind 2 walls and be around 4 meters away from the base station, and the headset will work most of the time. Any closer and it works perfectly.

But there are some issues with the headset:
At first, the headset hurt to wear for more than 2 hours. I have since gotten used to it and the headset seems to have fit to my head - this took around 5 days to become comfortable.
The microphone standard is set to play your voice back (side tone) to you. I myself find that feature very annoying. You can disable it via the Command Center (desktop app), but every 2nd time I boot my PC, the feature is activated again, although the software says that it is turned off. It's annoying having to slide the side tone up, release, and slide back to off, to fix this.
Speaking of the microphone, the feature to "flip up to mute" is great. Many headsets have this, including the A50. But there's a huge issue. About every 3rd or 4th time, I flip my microphone down to unmute it, it doesn't unmute. I have to physically flip it back up to the mute position, and flip it back down to get it to unmute.
Another small issue is the voilume wheel on the headset. I like to wear hoodies at home, during the winter, with the cap/hoodie down. If I'm wearing my headset and hoodie, and turn my head, there's a great chance that my voilume gets lowered. This is a small issue which I personally have, but I could see other people facing the same problem.
Lastly, the Dolby Atmos sounds like a cool feature, but I have yet to be able to set it up correctly, for it to work well during gaming. In games like CSGO, it's impossible to hear where steps and shots are coming from, with Atmos activated. I advise to use the normal Astro-audio settings when gaming. It could be that Atmos is more optimized for movies and shows, but the A50 is a gaming headset and Atmos is clearly not optimized for gaming.

That all being said, I'd still recommend this headset for people willing to pay the price. I'm sure that there are cheeper wireless headphones out there, which do the same job. But I'm just a gamer who wanted to get his hands on an A50 after experiencing the A40's a few years ago.


  • Great sound
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to charge
  • Built well
  • Design - Looks
  • Auto turn-off feature after 10 seconds
  • Distance from base station
  • Sound optimisation via desktop app is out-of-this-world


  • Microphone does not unmute every time
  • Dolby Atmos is not usefull for gaming
  • Not comfortable for the first few hours
  • Cheeper headsets (wired) have better microphone quality
  • Side tone (voice playback via headphone) gets activated on PC boot
  • High price for many small issues
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    You kow when your microphone is on top than ist mute and dolby atmos is surround sound

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    @Janeboy - Yes, that's rather obvious. But if you read my review, I stated: "About every 3rd or 4th time, I flip my microphone down to unmute it, it doesn't unmute." So it's a hardware issue.

    Also, yes, it's clear as day
    that Dolby Atmos is surround sound. I'm just saying that with normal Atmos settings, it's almost impossible to hear where sounds are coming from ingame. It's best to stick to the Astro sound settings for gameplay.

    @Bottip - Thanks for the link. I'll be sure to check it out this weekend, once I have time for gaming again. I'll be sure to hit you back up on it.

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